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Become a volunteer

Welcoming over 150,000 visitors of all ages, nationalities, faiths, cultures and backgrounds, the volunteers at Rochester Cathedral are integral to the success of the Cathedral as a place of worship and a cultural destination.

As a volunteer you will learn new skills and develop your existing ones, whether you are at the start of your professional career and looking to progress your employability, or seeking to keep active and challenged post retirement.

You will meet new people, become a part of a wonderful volunteer community and be an intrinsic part of a buzzing hub of culture, history and heritage.

There are many areas in which we seek volunteers and we always work to use your skills and knowledge in new ways for the greatest benefit to you and the Cathedral.


Welcomers at the welcome desks serve as the starting point for visitors. They are vital to the smooth running of the Cathedral and give a wonderful first experience through their warmth, charm and personal knowledge. We will support you with extending your knowledge of the Cathedral’s fabric and history and you will learn something new every day.

Tour Guides

The knowledge base of the Cathedral, our expert Guides show groups around the building giving them a deep and personal insight into the history, architecture and characters that have previously worshipped, visited and worked here. Many Guides begin as Welcomers and are supported with additional specialist training and Blue Badge status.

Exhibition Hosts

Our Exhibition Hosts are essential in bridging the gap between the Cathedral’s magnificent past and today’s visitors. The Medieval Crypt is home to our permanent exhibition where we reveal our extensive collections of plate, vestments, paintings and stones and showcase Rochester’s mystery book, Textus Roffensis. As an Exhibition Host you will help make our exhibitions come alive and help develop and curate future exhibitions.

Library Volunteers

The Cathedral library gives unprecedented access to some of the Cathedral’s greatest treasures including medieval manuscripts and an excellent post-Reformation Bible collection. The Library Volunteers provide a warm and attentive welcome for a wide variety of visitors. Ongoing training in book preservation and handling as well as specialist knowledge seminars are provided. Library Volunteers help clean and conserve fragile books, catalogue and work on projects to make our collections more accessible to the public.

Shop Cashier

Since the earliest pilgrims trekked to the Norman Cathedral, it has been traditional to return from your travels with a memento of your visit. We seek volunteers to support in shop cashier roles to develop the Cathedral brand and provide an attentive and warm service for cathedral customers.

Event Helper

Ever fancied being a monk for the day? Can you make an impeccable crown or mitre? Let your imagination run wild with our visiting school children and family groups as young minds discover the wonders of the Cathedral and ask the most pertinent of questions.

A background in education or previous experience with children is desirable.